May 2020 29
What’s New In Knarr: May 2020
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

We are finishing another exciting month here at Knarr with the addition of a key new feature and the enhancement of other existing product features. Today we’re excited to share with you our major addition

May 2020 22
The Perks of Knarr’s Pro Plan
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

While the free tier of Knarr is great for the casual data enthusiast, our pro tier is reasonably priced with a lot to offer to the more serious data explorers. Here are some reasons that

May 2020 08
Seven Tools That Power Our Remote Team
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

At Knarr, we operate in a distributed team model and have since our inception— meaning our workforce has always been remote. Powering a fully remote workforce, we took care from the onset to intentionally develop

April 2020 29
What’s New in Knarr: April 2020
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Our product team has been busy over the past month at Knarr rapidly adding and enhancing new features within the tool. We analyzed how users were using explore mode and implemented suggestions from how real

April 2020 21
Self-Service Tools Don’t Cut It
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

This is the second article in our series about tools that aim to help users make decisions using data. In our first article, Katie discusses why Dashboards Don’t Cut It. After dashboards, came the advent