April 2020 29
What’s New in Knarr: April 2020
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Our product team has been busy over the past month at Knarr rapidly adding and enhancing new features within the tool. We analyzed how users were using explore mode and implemented suggestions from how real

April 2020 21
Self-Service Tools Don’t Cut It
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

This is the second article in our series about tools that aim to help users make decisions using data. In our first article, Katie discusses why Dashboards Don’t Cut It. After dashboards, came the advent

December 2019 22
Living Analytics
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

No, Living Analytics isn’t a new lifestyle trend, like the 9-second diet that allows you to eat whatever you want, however much you can consume in under 9 seconds every 3 hours**. Living analytics are

September 2019 23
Your Venmo Data is Public Information
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Venmo™ disrupted the peer-to-peer payment scene — it was like one day I had never heard of Venmo and the next everyone had been using it for their whole lives. It has become the household name for

July 2019 19
Procrastination in Startups
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

...delay and procrastination are interesting things, and they have been vital in our journey towards launching Knarr. When Speros Kokenes and I started talking about building an analytics tool, 24 months and 15 days ago

July 2019 18
What is Collaborative Analytics?
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Ok, so you’re walking across the beach with your competitive Spikeball team as the sun is starting to set. Tummies are rumbling after a hard-fought victory, and everyone is ready to find some food for