June 2020 30
What’s New in Knarr: June 2020
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

As June draws to a close, we are excited to report on some fantastic new additions to Knarr that will enhance your data exploration experience. Our major addition in June is the Note Viewer, which

April 2020 29
What’s New in Knarr: April 2020
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Our product team has been busy over the past month at Knarr rapidly adding and enhancing new features within the tool. We analyzed how users were using explore mode and implemented suggestions from how real

July 2019 19
Procrastination in Startups
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

...delay and procrastination are interesting things, and they have been vital in our journey towards launching Knarr. When Speros Kokenes and I started talking about building an analytics tool, 24 months and 15 days ago