July 2020 24
The Importance of Collaboration
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

We believe that collaboration can and should be used in the world of data analytics to make the best decisions possible. In his latest video, Speros Kokenes, Knarr CTO, explores the importance of collaboration and

May 2020 08
Seven Tools That Power Our Remote Team
Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty

At Knarr, we operate in a distributed team model and have since our inception— meaning our workforce has always been remote. Powering a fully remote workforce, we took care from the onset to intentionally develop

December 2019 22
Living Analytics
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

No, Living Analytics isn’t a new lifestyle trend, like the 9-second diet that allows you to eat whatever you want, however much you can consume in under 9 seconds every 3 hours**. Living analytics are

July 2019 18
What is Collaborative Analytics?
Posted By : Jerry DiMaso

Ok, so you’re walking across the beach with your competitive Spikeball team as the sun is starting to set. Tummies are rumbling after a hard-fought victory, and everyone is ready to find some food for