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Posted By : Jerry DiMaso
Procrastination in Startups

I don’t do a lot of public blogging, and while I make the excuse that it’s because I don’t have time or that a lot of the work I do is tucked under NDAs, the real reason is that I’m hesitant to put myself out there. It’s not uncommon, I know; many of us have a fear of being judged by our peers, friends, and perhaps worst of all, internet strangers. But for me, right now, that fear must be overcome… because I am launching a startup and there is no room for fear and no more time for delay.

But delay and procrastination are interesting things, and they have been vital in our journey towards launching Knarr. When Speros Kokenes and I started talking about building an analytics tool, 24 months and 15 days ago (thank you, Slack), we knew exactly what the community needed and precisely what we would build. Now, just over 2 years later we have a product that barely resembles what we envisioned in that first meeting. We even changed the name.

This happens with many tools and startups, of course – after going through user interviews, design sessions, architecture reviews, more user interviews, sprint planning, feature adding, feature deleting… the list goes on – things are bound to evolve. But I attribute much of that evolution to the fact that we were patient with features, and we listened to our procrastination monsters; if we were having a hard time motivating ourselves to put in a feature, that probably meant that the feature wasn’t a great fit and we should skip it. Every feature we ended up adding to Knarr, we were all really excited about implementing and the motivation to get to work was at the ready.

Oddly enough, when I set out to write this article, I had intended to write about how it was a bad thing that we kept delaying this launch to “just push one more feature” or “fix one last bug”, but as I reflected on our process, I realized I’m content with the delay and much happier that we’re going to put out a product we’re proud of. Ultimately, in addition to many late nights and weekends of effort, while maintaining highly demanding full-time jobs, our patience and procrastination have helped get us from the initial vision of a dataviz tool to the rapid-fire, frictionless collaborative analytics tool we ended up building.

So, now we’re here, a few short weeks away from completely releasing Knarr out into the world for all to see, all to judge, and hopefully all to love. If you’re interested in signing up for our pre-launch to join a datastorming session using Knarr, create an account at https://knarr.io and we’ll be in touch.

Jerry is the CEO and Co-founder of Knarr Analytics with a background in Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting. His work in more than 100 organizations across various industries has inspired him to take on the mission of enabling analysts to solve business problems faster and more collaboratively.

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