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Posted By : Jerry DiMaso
What’s New in Knarr: April 2020

Our product team has been busy over the past month at Knarr rapidly adding and enhancing new features within the tool. We analyzed how users were using explore mode and implemented suggestions from how real users are using the tool from the “Tell us what you think” button in the app’s workspace.

Today we’re excited to share with you our new easy load feature in datasets and enhanced charting capabilities found in explore mode.

Drag & Drop Multiple CSV Files

You can now upload multiple CSV files at the same time by multi-selecting the files from your computer and dragging them onto a dataset in Knarr.

Note that you have to have a dataset created and be in the Datasets view; look for the blue outline around the screen when you are dragging your files in.

Edit Properties in Chart

You can now edit chart properties from inside charts, making it much faster to configure and reconfigure on the fly. Just hover over (what you want to change) to show options and click to begin editing. 

With inline chart editing, you can:

  • Change dimensions
  • Change measures
  • Change sorting and formatting
  • Add small multiples by rows or columns

Edit Table Properties in Table

We have added a bunch of new capabilities to the Knarr table object so you can much more easily sort, arrange columns, change and format measures and dimensions, and search or lens your table.

We’re working around the clock to bring you exciting new enhancements for May. To get the latest updates, follow “What’s New” on our community board and Knarr on social media.

Jerry is the CEO and Co-founder of Knarr Analytics with a background in Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting. His work in more than 100 organizations across various industries has inspired him to take on the mission of enabling analysts to solve business problems faster and more collaboratively.

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