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Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty
What’s New In Knarr: May 2020

We are finishing another exciting month here at Knarr with the addition of a key new feature and the enhancement of other existing product features. Today we’re excited to share with you our major addition for May, the Timeline, as well as some smaller improvements that will benefit your user experience. 


Timeline captures changes to your analyses in real-time whenever you make a change to your private or multiplayer workspace. Whether you are adding an object, changing a chart property, filtering data, restoring a snapshot, or joining a teammate’s workspace– that history is now captured in the timeline. 

Each timeline item captures the timestamp, which dataset you were working with, which filters were applied, a representation of what the workspace looked like at the time, and what change was applied that caused the history item to be captured. Timeline captures up to one thousand changes, no matter when they occurred. 

You can click any Timeline item to restore exactly what was on your screen at the time. No longer do you need to worry about taking a Snapshot of every part of your analysis since you can now seamlessly jump back in time using the Timeline bar at the bottom of your screen. Watch this video to find out more about this new feature.

Deck Redesign

We redesigned the deck to include more metadata making it easier for you to see at a glance what each project contains. Now you will see the number of notes and number of users that have access to each project right in the deck. 

You can also add a project description in the deck which can be easily edited at any time. Other properties can now be edited from the deck as well including changing project names and adding users without having to open the project just by right-clicking in the deck. 

Charting and Filter Improvements

This month we have added various charting and filter improvements. 

  • You can now filter excluded, possible, or alternate values
  • Improved chart loading states
  • Smarter formula labeling
  • Improved time axes

We will be working hard to provide you with more beneficial features and improvements in June, so stay tuned! To get the latest updates, follow “What’s New” on our community board and Knarr on social media. 

Caitlin (Katie) is the Head of Communications and Operations for Knarr Analytics. With a background in policy analysis, project management, and communications for various organizations, she is excited to empower analysts and businesses with a better way to explore their data.


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