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Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty
What’s New in Knarr: June 2020

As June draws to a close, we are excited to report on some fantastic new additions to Knarr that will enhance your data exploration experience. Our major addition in June is the Note Viewer, which allows you to export notes you create in Knarr so that they can be publicly viewed outside of the tool. Other features have been augmented as well, so read below to learn more about what we’ve been up to this month.

Note Viewer

Note Viewer is a feature that allows you to share Notes created in Knarr, including Snapshots of your analyses so that they can be viewed by anyone including those not using the Knarr tool. Anyone with access to the note can read through your analysis and view your snapshots just as you would in Knarr. This is a great way to showcase the insights that you uncover using Knarr to the rest of your organization or the general public depending on your needs.

Using the Note Viewer you can share your work with others in two ways: by making the Note public and therefore re-shareable or by making it private so that it’s restricted to just those that have access to the project within Knarr. This feature is a way for people who aren’t analyzing the data to interact with the information and analysis being produced. With publicly shareable notes you can also showcase your insights without sharing the ability to alter the analysis itself– perfect for showing what you find to those who don’t want to interact with the data.

Drag & Drop Charts

To allow you to explore your data as freely as possible, we have added drag and drop charting capabilities this month. This feature allows you to simply pull a chart type from the selection bar and instantly add it to your canvas in Explore Mode. With drag and drop charting you can create whichever chart type you’re thinking of instantly by dropping it into your canvas then right-clicking to modify the properties and display the comparison you choose. 

Other Additions 

We have improved Knarr in other ways this month with some simple in-tool experience enhancements that will make your data exploration process smoother than ever. In-tool experience improvements this month include: 

Formula autocomplete

Fast change between chart types

Data search improvements

This summer we are continuing to stay the course and make your experience using Knarr a smooth path to real data exploration. We’ve added a Slack channel as well, so check out the latest discussions and connect with our founders there. Also, be sure to follow us on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to be up-to-date on our latest content and what we’re up to. To start your data exploration journey today, sign up at knarr.io

Caitlin (Katie) is the Head of Communications and Operations for Knarr Analytics. With a background in policy analysis, project management, and communications for various organizations, she is excited to empower analysts and businesses with a better way to explore their data.


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