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Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty
The Importance of Collaboration

We believe that collaboration can and should be used in the world of data analytics to make the best decisions possible. In his latest video, Speros Kokenes, Knarr CTO, explores the importance of collaboration and its link to success. When it comes to data analytics, traditional business intelligence (BI) tools have not been built with collaboration in mind. Here at Knarr, however, we know that collaboration is key to the next wave of powerful data analytics. 

Why is collaboration so important to success? A simple thought experiment based on Plato’s notion of form– the full reality of an object– shows that when you are shown a picture of an object that you are already familiar with, you can easily imagine the parts of the object that are not visible in the image. But can we understand something’s form when that something is not a physical object? Yes, with a little help from our friends.

When you’re given a dataset, you create visualizations and analyses to help you make sense of the information presented. But when it comes to almost all datasets, there is typically another person with a different perspective that would interpret the data in a way that you hadn’t considered– based on their own background. Everyone’s experience is different, so those with experience in different areas can help you more fully understand and interpret the data you see. 

To understand data and extract meaning best– to see the data from multiple viewpoints, we have to crowdsource our perspectives. By linking multiple viewers of the data, a group of people can create a more holistic interpretation of the information by sharing their experiences with it. With collaboration, we can better understand the full reality of our data.

We can see what this collaboration looks like in practice by using a system that instantly allows users to transfer vantage points and meaning between each other. Knarr was built with collaborative analytics in mind, and the Snapshots and Notes features facilitate just that. 

Snapshots capture exact points in time of your analysis by allowing you to click one button to instantly capture the data, filters, and charts that you are using to explore your datasets. The resulting Snapshot is a bookmarked perspective that you can use to hop to that point in time of your own analysis or that of your colleagues. Through this feature Knarr allows you to share vantage points with your colleagues. 

Real collaboration is accomplished through more than just shared vantage points, however. Our goal in collaborative analytics is to merge the meanings interpreted by each valuable team member into one cohesive understanding of the data at hand. Knarr provides the opportunity to share meanings and arrive at a collective understanding with the Notes feature. 

Notes let you document your meaning and interpretation of the data you’re exploring by linking multiple snapshots with text. You can write about analyses and insights as well as link various vantage points by including Snapshots directly into your Notes. This process allows other users to read your thoughts on the data and fully recall your view of the analysis by opening each Snapshot. If they like, your colleagues can use your Snapshots to branch off and create their own, new analyses. Multiple users can interact with any Note, thereby sharing the meaning that they are seeing and coming collaboratively to a shared understanding. 

Currently ubiquitous BI tools leave you and your team in the dark by not including features that enable collaboration. This leaves these tools providing limited mobility, limited vantage points, and limited meaning. 

Knarr represents the next generation of BI, connecting users to find shared perspectives and meaning for a collaborative analytics experience that leads you to better insights faster. To join us in the new wave of data exploration, sign up at Knarr.io and connect with us on Slack

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Caitlin (Katie) is the Head of Communications and Operations for Knarr Analytics. With a background in policy analysis, project management, and communications for various organizations, she is excited to empower analysts and businesses with a better way to explore their data.


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