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Posted By : Caitlin Daugherty
We Present to You: Knarr– A New Way to Explore Your Data

In this rapidly-changing world where businesses are now more remote than ever, we are excited to announce the launch of Knarr, our cloud-based data exploration tool. Over the past two years, our founders have worked diligently to build a data analytics platform that would stand apart in this growing field. While we know that times are uncertain, we also know that more than ever companies need powerful, functional data analytics tools that support team members independent of location.

With Knarr, we are bringing you an entirely new type of tool.

Knarr is a cloud-based data analysis tool that will help your company visualize, annotate, and share data in real-time. By providing insights more quickly than ever, users are able to tackle the questions most impacting their businesses. Knarr redefines Collaborative Analytics from the current method of create/publish/share/annotate to a real-time multiplayer living workspace that allows everyone to contribute to generating insights.

Knarr is the tool for the future of data exploration, powerful for analysts and actionable for business users.

If you are serious about solving problems and going beyond dashboards, Knarr is ready to equip you in a whole new way. It enables data from different sources to be compared easily and insights to be generated quickly through complex data filtering powered by the Qlik® Core associative engine. Analysis can begin as soon as new data is available with no coding necessary and no need to plug into a pre-existing structure. Knarr provides a canvas for continuous analysis that can be shared with colleagues in a way that enables you to “show your work” and never leaves users with the issue of forgetting how an insight was found. 

Knarr provides innovative features to conduct, process, and synthesize findings across teams, no matter how complex their problems.

We believe that within every business, data analysis and exploration is a collaborative process. Knarr enables both instant and as-needed collaboration with three core features

Multiplayer Mode: Users can enter a shared workspace and analyze datasets together or show other users how they are finding insights

Notes: Notes allow you to document thoughts on each project and include links (Snapshots) in these notes that allow users to jump to relevant analyses

Snapshots: These capture point-in-time views of data analysis and allow users to jump back to the exact analysis other users capture including relevant data sets and visualizations

The best way to learn more about Knarr is to check it out for yourself:

Sign up for a free account at https://knarr.io to dive into data exploration with our Basic plan (no credit card required).

If you’re looking for even more collaborative capabilities and expanded data connectors you can learn about our enhanced Pro and Pro Plus plans here.

In support of global efforts to flatten the curve, we want to help in this unprecedented time. If you’re doing research on COVID-19 data, please reach out at info@knarr.io and we’d be happy to work with you to help during this crisis.

Caitlin (Katie) is the Head of Communications and Operations for Knarr Analytics. With a background in policy analysis, project management, and communications for various organizations, she is excited to empower analysts and businesses with a better way to explore their data.

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